About Us

Maquinados Josar is a Machining Shop located in Chihuahua, Chih. México, Maquinados Josar was founded in 1987 We have made parts for all types of industries in general, both supplies and replacement parts since we established.
We have a quality inspection department to ensure absolute accuracy for every machining job we produce for you. We want you to have the best product out on the market and Maquinados Josar wants to help you to get it.

Why choosing Maquinados Josar?

Maquinados Josar offers the best service in the market, We have the perfect balance reliability of an international structured company and local industries flexibility.

Maquinados Josar workforce has evolved into a top precision team.
Certified and approved by our customers in order to fulfill quality and reliability demands.

The products we manufacture are:

  • Final Assembly Parts.
  • Replacement Parts.
  • Fixtures Design.
  • Equipment Design for Productive Processes.
  • In general all kind of machined parts needed.

[You can see our products here]